Simón Bolivar Park

Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park is the largest and most important urban park in the city of Bogota, is located in the geographic center of Bogota in the Teusaquillo. It is crossed by the Carrera 60, Carrera 68 from east to west avenues and streets 63 and 53; It is quite popular among the citizens who visit it daily. Although the metropolitan park consists of several parks, the citizens tend to refer to each of these parks differently and separately, do not associate with the image of a single “megapark”.

Today he is considered the “lungs of the city” because of its strategic location in the heart of Bogota, for its extensive vegetation and large size of its green areas. Also by the amount and variety of scenarios that comprise it.Wheel and activate your energy in the morning! So our energy route more productive and have a bright day. We will make stops at specific locations where we can roll smoothly.

Knowing the Colombian capital, its streets, our Teusaquillo neighborhood, Rueda Bogota has selected the most relevant points as the historical center, oldest markets, architectural icons, art galleries, museums, home of artists and bars. Rueda Bogota designs different day and night circuits. None resembles the other; all have their own color, its own personality and way of speaking. Which do you want to vibrate?

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