Cultural Tour Bogotá

Mingle with the culture. We will show to Bogota as it is and was, historic events like the Bogotazo, interesting notes on the architecture of the Teusaquillo neighborhood, as well as artists and characters linked to the history of the city. Knowing the Colombian capital, its streets, our Teusaquillo neighborhood, Rueda Bogota has selected the most relevant points as the historical center, oldest markets, architectural icons, art galleries, museums, home of artists and bars.

Bogota, one of the most important cities in Latin America. To make your visit becomes a different experience we have developed a personalized service of routes that will show all sides of our city and its surroundings. For each route we will give you detailed information about landmarks and historical events. Rueda Bogota designs different day and night circuits. None resembles the other; all have their own color, its own personality and way of speaking. Which do you want to vibrate?

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