Bogota it moves on wheels

Hello! Welcome to Bogotá, one of the most important cities in Latin America. To differentiate your experience from others, we have developed a personalized service of routes that will show the various faces our city and its surroundings. For each route, we will give you detailed information about landmarks and historical facts, beyond the typical data you will find in any brochure.
And how will we roll? Rueda Bogotá has fixie, mountain and beach bicycles (you choose the one you like the most) so you can get to know the city in a organic and ecological way. Don’t worry if you think you’re not in shape! Adhara Yoga team will be invited to make a short relaxation, meditation and yoga sessions.

What’s with bikes that we love them so much? No matter the skin color, mood or perfume, all of us love the feeling of balance and flowing through air when we ride. By riding bicycles, we turn pedaling and excercising into an encounter with nature to ultimately remember that we are still free … we all agree: pedaling is surfing on and feeling the magic of the world. Rueda Bogotá designs different day and night circuits. None resembles the other: all have their own color, their own personality and different ways of speaking. Which want do you want to connect with?


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